Draft Position Statement, Home Rule Cities and Counties




The Independent Ethics Commission ("IEC") is considering the adoption of a new Position Statement concerning its jurisdiction over the officials and employees of home rule cities and counties.  The draft Position Statement may be accessed from this link.

The IEC welcomes written comments from any interested person.  Written comments will be posted to this webpage, below.  The IEC will also accept oral comments at its meeting on December 05, 2023.

Persons interested in attending the IEC's December meeting are encouraged to monitor the IEC's meeting agenda, which will be posted on the 2023 Agendas web page.

To File Written Comments:  Please email written comments to the IEC on or before November 22, 2023.  The IEC's email address is iecinfo@state.co.us.  Written comments may also be mailed to the IEC, provided comments are received on or before November 22, 2023.  The IEC's mailing address is 1300 Broadway, Suite 240, Denver, CO 80203.

Filed Written Comments